A Polaris Chen's Work


Make your elegant choices of life:)


[ People ]

Who to do housework, who to get the take-out...? Every choices concerning "who" can made by People Whichor. Write your friends and family, and make choices easily and elegantly anytime and anywhere.

[ Outdoor ]

Want to hang out but have no idea where to go? The movie theater or the concert? Shopping with friends or having a cup of Latte? Outdoor Whichor makes it easy to choose.

[ Yes Or No ]

Yes or no, go/do/buy or not.... Life is a journey full of choices. If you want to meet your choice of serendipity or really don't know which to choose, let Yes Or No Whichor help you.

[ Online ]

If you spent too much time on social networking websites and want to limit your time on it, try Online Whichor. Facebook or Twitter, just one with one tap.

[ Leisure ]

Read a book, see a movie, walk around or call somebody you miss in your leisure time. Enjoy life with Leisure Whichor.

[ Whichor Shop ]

More themes of Whichor and more elements in Whichor will come soon in Whichor Shop. Make your elegant choices of life.

Each choice is some kind of meeting.

Glad and lucky to meet you.

Hope you love it:)